Friday, June 30, 2017

Poppy Fields

And who would have thought there were fields of wild poppies growing in Utah? Not me, but as soom as we heard of this we had to go check it out. Sure enough there a few beautiful poppy fields in Mantua, Utah!!!

Of course poppies are not endemic here so we tried to do a little research to figure out where they came from, and in doing this found reference to poppy fields near Alpine and Logan UT as well. We'll have to find those next poppy season. The best info we could find about the Mantua poppies is some gals facebook page.

They might not be native, but who can complain about a field of gorgeous flowers!!!
And we are not the only ones to like the poppies! This Cactus Choreid seems to like them too!!! (Cactus Choreid (Chelinidea vittiger) ID courtesy of the kind folks at thwBug Guide

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