Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buying time...

I need (meaning I have a deep seated emotional need!) to make some beads. Getting ready for my show cut into my glass melting time, so now I'm craving some serious torch time.

Unfortunately, between refusing to do any domestic chores for two weeks prior to my little show, creating the huge jewelry making mess I wrote about recently in one of my Watch Me Create posts, and the fact that entropy has acted on my studio again I feel I can't allow my self to light the torch until I corral in some of the chaos.

I did cheat and made a few on Friday night, spent Saturday on my eagle adventure, and swore I'd catch up on the cleaning Sunday.

On Sunday I manged to get most of my beading supplies reorganized and put away, and started my studio cleanup. I took a break for a short mountain bike ride on the Pipeline Trail and cooked an actual "real" meal for my kids. Last night I managed to clean the master bathroom and to dust and vacuum up all the felted fur scatter rugs that have been decorating my bedroom. Maybe tonight I can finish cleaning up my dining room table mess and get the studio cleaned up enough that I can allow myself to torch. I really want to torch!!!

Does any one know the secret for creating more hours in the day???

Can I buy some time somewhere?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how the house gets away from you? I don't really have an excuse, I just don't think cleaning is more important than melting glass or reading a book. Oops!
Once the "dirty" deed is done, however, the place sure smells better doesn't it?