Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cyber world quandries

I did something a little silly this week. I made a MySpace page. I realize that MySpace is is passe' and so, well, yesterday (I've heard Facebook is now where it's at) so I guess I'm just good at being the last to the party.
My kids of course have had MySpace pages forever. In my daughters eyes they are the "mom forbidden zone". The last thing she wants is her mom poking around her page or those of her friends. She has in fact stated many times that she thinks it's "creepy" when "old people" have MySpace pages. It might seem like I'm trying to irritate my daughter by creating a page, but that isn't why I did it. My friend got tired of having her daughters geeky teenage boyfriends treat her like she is a cyber-illiterate, so she decided to make a page for herself to prove them wrong. Having sat around her table talking geek with these boys, and seeing their utter shock and amazement when they realized that I (old stupid woman I guess!) knew some html and understood what "binary" was, I could understand her desire to rise to the challenge. My friend needed an MySpace friend, so I made my page.

This MySpace "friends" business is sort of weird. Perfect strangers write you and ask to be added as friends. Why would I want to be "friends" with someone I don't know or have anything in common with?

So my cyber-quandry:
How to decide who to "add as friends"?

1. People you know in real life?
2. Internet buddies that you don't know in real life?
3. Internet acquaintances?
4. Friends of friends?
5. Strangers with common interests?
6. Famous people (musicians etc) that you like?
7. Random strangers who want to be your friend?

For me, numbers 1 and 2 make the cut. # 7 doesn't. I'm too lazy to look up "fan" pages, I doubt I'll do number 6. But I'm less sure of #3-5. I've been thinking about this because of an add request I got two days ago. A girlfriend of mine who's in cyber-dating mode has made lots of friends through MySpace. Some she just cyber-chats with, some she's actually met in real life, a few she's actually dated. One of the guys she's been chatting with, and has actually met once in real life sent me a friend request. So do I add him or not? I can't decide. He actually seems like an interesting guy. Mountain biker, guitar player, wood turner who lives 40 miles north of me. He seems like someone who I'd enjoy being friends with IF I knew him. But I don't. But my friend does. Hmmm... I can't decide.

I realize that in a week I'll probably forget I even made the silly MySpace page (gotta limit my cyber addictions and lampworking forums are plenty!) But what do you think? Do I add guys like this or not? Comments?

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