Friday, July 27, 2007

Is it a Neil Young sort of day?

Apparently, it is!

I admit it, I am an NPR junkie. Much to the chagrin of my children, I keep the car radio tuned to NPR. According to them NPR radio personalities all talk in "headache inducing monotones". I think there needs to be a a new measure of time, a "radio second" perhaps, that measures the nearly instanteous amount of time between my car radio coming on the kids demanding in an impatient, irritated tone; "can we PLEASE change the radio station?" So much for the driver's preferences. Oh, well, at least they say please. So except for the left hand button that is always on KUER, the universities public radio station, the kids are given free reign to car radio buttons.

I played chauffeur last night, so when I left for work the car stereo was tuned to one of their choices. An oldies rock station. Neil Young's song "Old Man" was playing. I really like Neil, so I certainly couldn't complain about that. So I waited until the end of the song to switch to Morning Edition. I stop at my favorite coffee shop, (my morning ritual!) and what do I hear as I step in the door? More Neil Young! The barista is playing his "Harvest" CD. I guess it's a Neil Young kind of morning! What a nice way to start the day! I haven't listened to Neil in a while. Now I'm really in the mood for Neil, I really wish I had some of his music at work, but I guess I'll have to wait and get a Neil fix when I get home. Me thinks it will be an oldies music weekend at my house.

Oh yeah, I should mention, in addition to being a Neil day it's one of my days over at Watch Me Create!

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Anonymous said...

I have NPR on my bedroom radio and I must agree with your kids - most of the time anyway. Jeez, those voices make me want to hit someone.
Love the bead - fabu flowers.