Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do I need more hobbys?

A couple of weeks ago I was at a baby shower for a friend who happens to be an excellent potter. She was trying to entice me to come take a class at her studio. I told her that "I had a fear of pottery". She looked at my like I was demented, until I explained that my "fear" is that I would like it too well then want to have my own kiln, and wheel and pottery studio.

Imagine my surprise when that evening I received a call from another good friend. This friend is another artist type, and one of the many things she does is china painting. She wants to know if I'd like to use a big kiln for my glass work. It turns out that one of her elderly china painting friends had to go move to assisted living, and my friend got one of her kilns. She can't use it right now, but thought I might be able to. How could I say no?

To use it for glass I think I would have to spend quite a bit of money on a digital controller, which I can't do right now, so I'm thinking I'll play with clay after all. It's funny how life works sometimes, one minute I'm saying I fear pottery because I'd want my own kiln, a few hours later I have one sitting in my garage. Cosmic huh?

So Saturday I went to the ceramics store and bought two huge bricks of clay. I'm going to pick a night and have a bunch of girlfriends over for a "Pot Party" where we can all get creative with clay. It will be a perpetual party, because after we create we'll have to have a glazing party, and a firing party, and kiln emptying party, right? I think I'll now discard my pottery fear and look forward to clay play!


Anonymous said...

Pottery looks like it would be so much fun! I also have a fear of new mediums in the same way.

Pot Party. Now that sounds interesting. :o)

rosemarie h. said...

Dang, I wish I were closer, because I'd be inviting myself right over for your pot party.

I mean, a little pot, er, clay, is good once in a while, right?

Seriously, I've always thought that was a great art form.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, you're in trouble now! Another hobby. How will you ever split your time????????????????

Deborah Lambson said...

uh oh..you're in trouble now. :)