Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Wackiness

It was a gloriously beautiful day yesterday so I skipped lunch so I could cut out of work a little bit early to enjoy the sunshine. Because it was so nice I decided to take Daisy for a jog down to the gully so so she could enjoy yet another "last swim" of the season. A block or two from my house I saw my wacky siting for the week: the barefoot runner. I heard about him from neighbor, who sees him frequently. I guess leaving work a bit early put me on his schedule. A youngish guy, in his late 20's perhaps, with a yellow dog, who runs, and I mean runs, not jogs - barefoot.

Now how is that for craziness???

My neighborhood doesn't exactly have nice smooth sidewalks to run on. We, in fact, have no sidewalks. Our streets are the standard cracked and rough asphalt. The last resurfacing was one of those tar and pebble jobs quite a few years back. I'm a barefoot kind of gal, but I don't care to even walk on out street sans shoes; I can't imagine running.

I would love to talk to the barefoot guy and ask him why he runs without shoes. I had hoped his dog, who was off lead, would have dashed across the street to meet my Daisy, giving me an excuse to stop and chat, but the dog never broke stride and stayed in perfect heeling position. (That is almost as wacky to me as barefoot running). Perhaps next time I get home early enough to cross paths with them I'll have to "accidentally" drop Daisy's leash so we can have a dog encounter!


Anonymous said...

You're too funny. I wonder if he knows that he's the talk of the town.

I've often wanted to workout at the gym with out shoes...not like I go all that often. But now that I have a treadmill at home I DO walk barefoot. Much different than being outside though. I'd have cactus spines in my feet.

Anonymous said...

I never go barefoot. The main reason is unsuccessful foot surgery but I never was a fan. I think it has a lot to do with mom telling me how people spit on the sidewalks. Ick - double ick!!!
Hey, love that bead. Quite a different look for you. Very "out there modern." I like it!