Sunday, October 28, 2007

More from Arches

Is it weird if I blog my blog?

Regarding my two pictures of Matt up on the arch, for the most part everyone liked the first one the best. I guess I was leaning that way, which is why I posted it first. But I really liked the second one too.

Jimmy at work had an interesting comment when asked which he preferred: "It depends on what you want to say. If you want to say "Look at my son!", pick number one. If you want to say "This is a magnificent arch and people are small and immaterial, pick number 2"". I think he has a good point. I of course want to say both "look at my son" and "this is a magnificent arch", which may explain my quandary about which I like better.

It is so nice when mother nature cooperates and gives nice photographic light. Here are a few more pictures from that day at Arches.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots. I will definitely get out there one of these days. Every time you post a pic, it reminds me of all the beautiful places in this country that I have not see yet.

Linda Carol said...

You know, there is an empty guest room and willing tour guide here in Utah anytime you want to come visit!!!!