Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

47! That is how old I turned today. Despite having a cold, I had a darn good birthday. My birthday falls on a catholic holy day, "The Feast of the Immaculate Conception". As a child I thought it was cool that calendars dislpayed a holiday on my birthday, even though I had no idea what it was about. I still know nothing about the holiday, but lucky for me my friend Jimmy at work is catholic, so he gets a "Linda's birthday reminder" at mass the Sunday before my day, so he always remembers my birthday. Being a good lab social director he arranged for us to go out to the Bayou (beervana!) for dinner and brews after work yesterday.

Today I woke up to one of my favorite gifts... about 5 inches of fresh snow. Sarah got up early and gave be a birthday gift- she crocheted me a beautiful hat and mittens. What a very talented girl I have! Unfortunately, the storm knocked out our electricity, so rather than sitting on my cozy couch drinking coffee I donned my new hat and mittens and shoveled the drive way so I could escape to the coffee shop for my morning addiction. Later, my neighbor called, and invited me out for my birthday, so Sarah and I, my across the street and next door neighbors, all went down to Cafe Med for dinner. After dinner we went back to my house to eat the delicous chocolate cake that Sarah baked just for my birthday. My parents and son called to wish me happy birthday, my sibs sent me e-cards, and I received cyber greetings from many of my "beady" friends.

...I have to show you the the virtual cake my friend Rose, a fellow beadmaker sent me - a beautiful birthday cake with "bobcat torch" candles.... the perfect bead makers cake don't you think?!

I am such a lucky girl to have such great friends!!! It was a wonderful day! Getting old isn't bad after all!!!!


rosemarie h. said...

It's an ice cream cake, so you'd better eat it soon - don't let it sit out anyway.

Happy Birthday for a few more minutes!

Anonymous said...

My b-day (1/25) is the same day as one of our, very popular, high school teachers. She's way retired now but when I was a kid, I was at a basketball game on my birthday and an announcement was made at half time that there was a special birthday person in the crowd. I couldn't believe it!!! I was only a kid, probably 10 or so, and all these people were standing up and getting ready to sing for ME??????????? Well, you can imagine. Thankfully I didn't make a fool of myself. I always remember to wish her a happy birthday to this day.

Linda Carol said...

Wow Rose! With all those torch candles I'm surprised that cake isn't a puddle!

Ellen, that's a great story! I can just feel your excitement!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had great time! Best wishes for lots of good things in the coming year!