Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm Not Dreaming of a White Christmas....

I'm Not Dreaming of a White Christmas... because we are having one. The storm blew in this afternoon, dropping 4 or 5 inches of fluffy white stuff on top of the snow from Friday's storm. At about 10pm I decided to take Daisy for walk. It was such a lovely evening. The plows had not been round so the streets were still covered in white. It was quiet and peaceful, as knowbody was out driving or walking the streets. Colorful Christmas lights glistened in the snow. Occasionally the wind would kick up and the handful of leaves that remain in the sycamore trees would rustle in the most melodious manner. They sounded like Mother Natures wind chimesand seemed quite loud against the stillness of the night.

We headed down to the park and walked the park loop. Daisy just loves loping through the snow and sniffing for signs of all her doggie friends. It was interesting to see how she precisely followed the track of another dog. As the tracks in the snow arced to the right, so would Daisy. Then the tracks meandered back to the left so would she. Ir was quite clear that she was following the scent trail. As a human it's hard to understand navigation by nose!

As we headed back to the house the snow started falling again. It's going to be quite a lovely white Christmas

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Anonymous said...

I felt like I was right there with you and Daisy, Linda. What a wonderful scene.