Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring Fever!

Ah... spring is here... or at least for the last two days it has been. After weeks of back to back snowstorms the last three days of sunshine, blue skys and warm (40') weather have seemed positively spring like. The six foot tall icicle no longer adorns my house, and I can even see a one foot wide swatch of green along one side of my driveway. I actually had friends call me up and invite me to a barbeque last night. Of course it wasn't quite balmy enough for outdoor eating, but the nice weather was certainly a great excuse to grill some sausages, sip some wine and enjoy the ducks swimming in their backyard duckpond. The taste of spring will be short lived; another snow storm is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. At least the enormous snow piles beside my driveway have a shrunk a bit so it will be easier for me to find a place to chuck the snow when I shovel tonight, and the skiing should be good again this weekend!


Anonymous said...

40 degrees? Man, around here, when that happens, people start breaking out the bermuda shorts and flip flops.

diane hawkey said...

you have been tagged