Friday, February 01, 2008

Still snowing...

What a nice snowy week this has been. I have done the snow shovel workout everyday, although today I didn't really have to, as we only got a half inch in tonights "big" storm. Yesterday, after clearing my and my next door neighbors driveways I decided I shoveled enough, so I skipped my deck, which left me some shoveling to do today.

My son had a treat on Monday - he had his first ever "snow day"! Monday's storm hit Durango, Colorado especially hard, and Ft. Lewis College actually cancelled classes. Durango even got a mention on NPR Wednesday morning. Apparently they had so much snow that were warning people that even sledding hills could be avalanche prone. Of course that prompted me to call Matt and remind him to be cautious. I was relieved to hear that they do avalanche control on the single rope tow ski hill adjacent to campus where he and his friends have been building jumps and playing around after class. Matt says there is just a ton of snow everywhere. I'm anxiously awaiting the pictures he said he'd email me.

My excitement for the week came the other day as I returned home from work. As I pulled into the driveway a deer ran across my driveway and pranced through my front yard. Not just any deer, but a nice sized buck. I have occasionally seen deer in my yard, but never a buck. The buck headed to my neighbors back yard where apparently it has been hanging out this week. I think the deer siting solved a mystery for me. Numerous times in the last few weeks Daisy has wandered up my backyard hill and into the brambles behind my neighbors house. This is something she never does, she is not a roamer at all, so I was rather perplexed by her recent behavior. I'm guessing she's been following deer scent. I guess every now and then she liked to pretend she's a real canine, instead of pampered pooch.

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