Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Computers! Argh!

So what kind of computer geek are you? PC or Mac? I'm a PC geek for a couple of reasons. When I started my current job my lab bought 4 computers, 2 PC's and 2 Mac's. The Macs, which cost more, were always slower and more problematic than the PC's. Those over 10 year old PC's are still chugging along and being used from time to time, while their two Mac contemporaries where retired years ago. So I've just never quite believed it when all the Mac aficionados go on and on about how superior macs are, about how they don't crash and how stable they are.

Lately I've been working on a project that has required me to use a Mac. Today the program (on one of those "perfect" Macs) glitched and gave an error message:

Could not complete the "For Preliminary Report" command because.

Because??? Because why?? Because what???

What a ridiculously silly message!

In all fairness, I imagine the silly message came from the software maker, and not from Mac. But I'm kind of convinced everyone in the computer industry has conspired to make us crazy!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes - those Macs. My neighbor is my geek squad and he's very generous with his help but he's a "Mac Snob" and every time he walks into my computer room, he hisses.
I'm very close to buying a new 'puter and he keeps at me about his passion but I'm not caving.
My goal, however, is to get a PC without Vista. Dell has 2 that give you the option of XP. I keep hearing horror stories about Vista and don't want the stress.