Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life's unanswered questions...

Have you ever noticed that life is full of unanswered questions? Last night a friend and I held a bridal shower for our mutual good friend. Times like these can be so thought provoking. I left work a little early in order to finish a few last minute preparations and do a little house cleaning. As I was cleaning the bathroom I discovered something that made question life around my house... The question: "Why is there a full bag of tortillas in the bathroom garbage can?". Hmmm can anyone think of a good answer to that question? I know I can't. I keep my tortillas in the refrigerator, where they stay fresh and unspoiled until I use them in a meal. I don't eat them in the bathroom, I don't use them in the bathroom. Should I happen to keep them too long and they go bad I do throw them out.... in the kitchen garbage can under the sink... never in the bathroom garbage! I asked my daughter if she knew how they got into the bathroom, she was as dumbfounded as I was. Maybe it was her brother (who's out of town so I haven't asked him yet). Maybe it was our ghost. Nobody knows... add it to the list life's unanswered questions!

Our bridal shower was slightly less than conventional. We had a sushi party. So instead of playing silly bridal shower party games we drank wine and made sushi together. It was fun and the food delicious. My friend (who is an excellent cook!) brought the sushi fixins, did most the chopping and the bride to be and her future sister in law did most of the rolling. I got to be tempura chef. It was all yummy!

The theme for the shower was "personal" so we had fun with the gifts too. I think the biggest laughs of the night occurred when the bride opened a silly gift... a frumpy old lady night gown, and a huge pair of granny panties (for those night she has a headache LOL) One of the guests was kind enough to model the gorgeous granny panties. (head removed to protect the less than innocent..) I love my friends!!!!!


Anonymous said...

First of all - I can't answer the tortilla question. That type of thing happens all the time at my house.
Secondly - yea for you and your friends for breaking with tradition. I hate the shower games. I usually find an excuse to NOT participate.
And thirdly - cudos to your crazy friend for modeling the lovely undies.

Anonymous said...

well I have a lot of answers 1-57 none of which could be proven through the scientfic method but they would make you laugh .... RO