Monday, June 02, 2008

Waterfall hike

On Saturday I met a new friend for a hike. He is into waterfalls, and suggested the Adams Canyon hike. Adams Canyon is about 30 miles north of here, on the mountain side just east of Layton, Utah. Considering the fact that trail head has such easy access, the hike not terribly long and culminates at a beautiful waterfall, I'm surprised I'd never heard of that canyon. It was a really pretty hike. After a series switch backs through rangeland, the trail entered the canyon and followed the creek. The vegetation was lush and refreshing and there were 3 waterfall to be seen. Unfortunately, my camera battery died at the end of the trail, so I wasn't able to take a picture of the big 40 foot waterfall. The last shot I snapped was of my poor dog Daisy. She's 7 1/2, pudgy like her mom, and since the trail was steep (1200 ft elevation gain in less than 2 miles) and there were spots where she had difficulty scampering over steep rocks, she was tired at the end of the trail. Doesn't she look pathetic resting on the rocks? Like she was too exhausted to bother to find a comfy place to rest. Be assured she actually had a good time! As did her mom!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics, Linda. Daisy cracks me up.
"New" friend? hmmmmmm