Saturday, June 21, 2008

My poor son...

I got to take a couple days off of work this week. Unfortunately, not for a fun reason, but because my poor son had hernia surgery on Thursday, and I got to play "good mother" and take care of him. The surgery went well, he got the first appointment of the day and we were actually home by 10:15. Between the anesthetic they used in the surgical site and the morphine they gave him in recovery, he was actually feeling pretty good. He wasted his favorite salad from Cafe Rio, so I ran out and pot it for him, and he sat at the dining room table and we chatted while he ate his lunch. It was actually really nice to sit and have some one on one discussion time. By mid-afternoon all the "good" meds had worn off, and my poor boy became a hurting puppy... it's hard to watch my active boy lay on the couch for 2 days. He was sure that by Friday night he would out with his friend. Surprise! He was still playing couch potato Friday night. Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow... I'd hate for him to get to used to being waited on. Get me a drink, fix me bagel, bring me some ice cream, help me sit up, rent me some movies... I don't imagine I put on this "good mother" charade for too much longer.

One nice thing about being home when I'm normally at work is that I got to see my first waterlily blossom of the season!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the hernia surgery - brings back memories. My son was in high school when he had his repaired. He's young, he'll be back at it soon.
Speaking of water lilies. I saw a ton of them in full bloom in the lower portion of our local river. What a sight!