Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Wackiness

While on campus today I spied a person with an "unusual" tattoo. It was on the back of her upper arm, on a spot where is was most noticable from behind her. It was a great big, nearly the size of my hand, hand grenade. Not army green as you might expect, but mostly red with other colors shaded in.

I am fascinated by tattoos. I don't have any, as I can't think of anything that that screams to me: "Please, please, tattoo me permanently on your body!", but I really wonder about other peoples tattoos and the the thought process they must have gone through to decide that they needed to spend lots of money and experience pain in order to have "fill in the blank" adorning their flesh. I especially wonder when I see a young, attractive, college coed with a huge hand grenade tattooed on her arm. I can't help but think that someday she may regret that tattoo. I would have loved to have snapped a picture, but I couldn't figure out how to do that with out seeming rude. I was also tempted to ask her why she picked that tat, but, once again, I couldn't figure out a polite way to do it. Maybe if I see her on campus again, I'll get up the nerve to ask.

Another funny thing: As I drove out of the parking lot at work tonight I followed a car that had a huge hand grenade sticker on the back window. Is the hand grenade some pop culture image that I don't know about?


one-eared pig said...

Was it the grenade from the cover of Green Day's last album? (it had a red, bleeing, heart-shaped grenade on it, I think)

And once middle age sets in, I bet her grenade will look more like a test tube.

Anonymous said...

I have a tat but didn't get it until I was almost 59 and picked a spot I didn't think would sag anymore - my lower leg - on the outside.
Mine's a big one too - I figured if you couldn't tell what the heck it was from a distance, there was no point.
As a breast cancer "thriver," I know the pink ribbon will never lose its meaning.