Sunday, October 05, 2008


Perhaps it is because I work in science, and biologists are a little unusual, but I have lots of crazy friends. Friends who like to do back yard biology. I have my friend with 12 ducks who I call the crazy duck man. I have another friend who owns chickens, he's the crazy chicken man. He has a several different kind of chickens, and he's given them all silly names. One of his chickens is a Brahma, and her name is Braaack O'Brahma. An election year chicken I guess. You have to stretch out the Braaaaaack when you say her name so it sounds like the noise a chicken makes. My friend gave me some eggs the other day, beautiful brown eggs. He can tell me which of his birds laid which egg my looking at their size, color and shape. (My crazy duck friend can do the the same with his duck eggs). It turns out that Braaack has the most distinctive egg shape; kind of long and pointy. I haven't eaten Braaack's egg yet, I can't bare to crack it, it's too pretty. I may have to blow it out and save it.


Anonymous said...

Fresh eggs - lucky you. I stopped to buy some at our local grocery store (the only one in town) last night as we came home from our trip to Maine.
I had to go through 4 cartons until I finally found one that had 12 eggs without cracks!
The brown ones are definitely prettier.

one-eared pig said...

mmmm, making me hungry!