Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween started with glorious sunrise. Being so close to the mountains we rarely see much of a sunrise here; today must have be a special day!

It is an unseasonably warm Halloween for a change; t-shirt weather and a few sprinkles instead of a blizzard. Sarah and I made jack-o-lanterns last night, and I put up the graveyard yet again... I'm such a kid at heart! I'm also thrilled that my 16 yo daughter will still carve pumpkins with her mom! Despite our decorating efforts, we never get very many trick or treaters on our quiet little go nowhere street.


Ellen said...

I love that you're still getting into the whole Halloween thing, Linda. And I love that your daughter still digs it too.

Anonymous said...

Your yard looked fabulous! I didn't decorate too much for Halloween this year cuz I didn't want to detract from the huge Obama sign my daughter had painted on the front window, LOL.