Thursday, November 13, 2008

16 year old drivers...Yikes

I awoke yesterday at 6:50 to the telephone ringing. Oddly, it was my daughter, who lives with me and should have been home. It turns out that she decided to run to the grocery store to do something about our critical need for a gallon of milk. She was having some sort of issue with her car. Slightly groggy and confused I hopped in the car and headed to the store, which, fortunately, is only a couple blocks from home.

It seems that when she parked, she pulled into one of a handfull of spots that have a one of those concrete curbs at the front of the space. When she realized she arrived before the store opened she decided to leave, pulled forward and ran right over the curve. So here she is, all flustered, trying to figure out what to do about the fact thather car wheels were stradling this huge concrete block . At least she was smart enough to call for help rather than risk damaging her car. I pulled up, aimed my headlights at the side of the car to access the situation. Thankfully the car wasn't bottomed out on the curb, so I made the determination that she could probably slowly back over the curb. Which she did as I stood and waved her on. Clunk, thunk she rolled over the curb, and the front end of the car bounced on it. The car thankfully, seems OK.

I guess drivers-ed goes on and on for 16 year old. And moms-ed goes on and on for us for us mothers. We never do know what our kids will do next. Sarah's big question... "Hey, Mom, how does it feel to know your children are RETARDED???" Hmmm ... should I laugh or cry???

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Ellen said...

And how about the time my son tried to back quickly out of the garage - before putting the door up? Yeah, that was a good time.