Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

If you are like me you had no plans to join in the Black Friday shopping madness, but in case you are feeling left out I have just the thing that should get you reaching for the car keys!

I have found the thing I'm sure EVERYONE is looking for this year - the traditional pink tinsel Christmas Pig!!!!

Can't you see him frolicking in the snow with Frosty, riding shotgun in the sled with Santa, lounging in the manger with Mary and Joseph???

Run don't walk, to your local Big Lots store. I'm sure these are the hot item this year. A bargain at only $25!!!! Be the envy of your friends and neighbors, get your Christmas pig today!


Ellen said...

Linda, didn't you post a pic of an incredibly ugly t-shirt last year? Was it one you were threatening to buy for your daughter?
Lovely pig, btw.

one-eared pig said...

You know I have to love the pig!