Sunday, November 23, 2008


My excitement for the week. We were evacuated for 11 hours on Friday. In reality, I guess I wasn't really evacuated, since I was at work, but my neighborhood was. Sarah called me after school let out to tell me that she was all confused because something happened and they weren't allowing people into our neighborhood. I checked the local news on the internet, and found that a double propane tanker-trailer truck that was coming down Parley's Canyon didn't negotiate the turn on the I-215 off ramp, had crashed, rolled and was spilling propane. The crash site was right behind the street behind me and about five house down. YIKES! The gas from a bar-b-que tank can pretty much take out a house if it explodes, so it wasn't too surprising that they evacuated half mile radius around the crash.

KUTV sent it's helicopter out, so I got to watch nice aerial coverage on the internet. Propane is heavier than air so it sinks; the truck was surrounded by a foamy sea of dissipating liquid/gas. The sound wall had been knocked down, so there was a very real possibility of gas flowing downhill into the neighborhood.

I had evening plans so I wasn't going to be home anyway, Sarah went to a friends house for the night, but my poor son. He was driving home from college in Colorado when this happened, so after an eight hour drive he was home, but couldn't go home. So he headed to friends, but luckily, at midnight (just after my friend made up her sofa bed for me) we were allowed to go home.

I was happy for 2 things... no kaboom, and believe it or not, poor Daisy, who was stuck in the house from 7 am to midnight, managed not to have an accident in the house. Guess it was my lucky day after all.


one-eared pig said...

Wow, I'm glad everyone's ok. And your poor pup!

Ellen said...

Glad you all avoided disaster - inside and outside the house.

Anonymous said...

Go Daisy!
I mean don't go Daisy...

Give her a belly rub for me!