Friday, May 01, 2009

Beat the Flu!

There was a tiny bit of excitement at my coffee shop Thurday morning. One of the local radio stations was there, with a couple of pink pig pinatas. So if you wanted a chance to beat the swine flu, Grounds for Coffee was the place to be.

It was my first time witnessing "grown ups" break a pinata. They are not as exciting as kids to watch. The chocolate candies all were picked up quickly enough, but the many of the hard candies languished on the pavement... not exactly the frenzy of selfish candy collection I remember from my kids parties!


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Ellen said...

Two years ago my little neighbor had a pinata at her 3 yr old party. It was Dora the Explorer. At one point the adults stood watching with a look of horror on their faces while the kids beat the living tar out of poor Dora. There just seemed to be something wrong with the whole scene.