Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's a jungle out there...

Where's the jungle? My yard! Two weeks ago when I went to cut the lawn for the first time this season I discovered my lawn mower was terminally ill. Not that this suprised me, as it was pretty ill last year, but the malfunctioning pull cord completely quit rewinding, making it impossible to start. So for the last 2 weeks the mower's been in the shop, and my lawn kept growing and growing. I'm sure my neighbors were a little confused about why I was spending so much time weeding ly flower beds but not bothering to cut the lawn.

Last night my neighbors little Shitzu came to visit, wading through my long, long grass like she was on a real jungle adventure. As fun as she was to watch, all I could think about was the looming disaster awaiting me when my mower was fixed.
Well, today I finally got the call that my mower was done. $121 later I have a mower that starts like it did when it was new. Good thing as it stalled in the thick grass many, many times. It took me over two hours to get the grass cut. It's normally a 45 minute job. I think my arms are going to be sore from pushing the damn thing and I turned my feet green, but at least I'm no longer competing for the trashy neighbor of the week award.

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Carol Clayton said...

Glad we both got our lawns mowed! Your narrative about the little doggie made me visualize a scene from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!!"