Saturday, June 02, 2012

More from Moab....

A lovely Prickly Pear Cactus flower

A few more photos from my Moab adventure. In case a 20 mile mountain bike ride wasn't enough, after our ride a bunch of us headed out to Corona Arch. Not a very long hike, only about 3 miles round trip, just enough the work the kinks out of cycling fatigued legs, a perfect apres-biking activity! Corona Arch is one of the areas most spectacular arches, which recently received much notoriety by climbers who turned it into the world's largest rope swing. A climber rappelled down from the arch as we hiked up and one too scared to rappel down up was still perched on top, and there were others hiking out who had claimed they had just finished doing the swinging thing. Sadly, all this adventure activity may well lead to the demise of this magnificent arch, and the holes from the bolts used to secure the ropes will likely catch water and freeze in the winter, eventually cracking and collapsing the arch. I kind of wonder how these climbers decide the bolts are really still secure enough for these activities. It seems like a real "leap of faith" to me! On Sunday we headed out with our bikes again.... this time to Dead Horse Point State Park where we road the 9 mile Big Chief loop. Loads of fun, not too tough a trail, but being the rock virgin I was prior to this weekend some spots were still a little challenging to me. Totally amazing views!!!!

Corona Arch

Bowtie Arch

Corona Arch

Spotted Leopard Lizard

The views from Dead Horse Point

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Sarah said...

Aw im glad to see you had so much fun! No way in hell would i be swinging from that arch. That freaks me out too! I love you mom<3 way to go on a 20 mile bike ride PLUS hiking, killing it!