Friday, June 15, 2012

What a wonderful world...

I'm so lucky to live in a place with so many great outdoor activities right in my own back yard, so I can do cool things like go for great hikes after work and cooler that I have several groups of friends who like to hike so there is always something going on. This week I hiked on Wednesday and Thursday...

Wednesday's hike was up Neffs Canyon with my pottery studio hiking group; AKA "Hiking Buddies". We try to hike or mountain bike most every Wed and every weekend when the weather is good... It was a great (steep!) hike up to the wilderness area, we stopped at a lovely waterfall where we could get a nice view back towards the valley.

This weeks excitement was when one of the guys stepped on snake... he screamed and jumped, but the other guy with us reached right down and picked it up... it was an adorable little Rubber Boa.
Last nights hike was with a different group of friends... members of the UFA- the "Up For Anything"... last night "Anything" was a sunset dinner hike to the "Living Room", a spot high above the university were people have built a "room" full of chairs and tables made of stones. A perfect place to enjoy some wine and cheese and watch the sunset!

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