Thursday, June 28, 2012

A small adventure..

This weeks little adventure... Date night... date night with Mabel, my friend and next door neighbor of 25 years. We figure that we single chicks need to stick together, so we have a standing Tuesday night dinner date when we are both in town. I was in the mood for a little adventure this week so we headed up over the mountains, past Park City to the little town of Midway, where I heard there was a good Mexican restaurant, Tarahumara. I was a little disappointed when it turned out to be place where you order at the counter and they bring you your food. I'm more of a sit down restaurant sort of gal. But Tarahumara really redeemed it self when I walked back into the dining room and discovered the salsa bar. Not just any salsa bar, but the biggest salsa bar I've ever seen. Jalapeno salsas, habanero salsas, creamy salsas mango salsas,all sorts of delicious homemade salsas. I wanted to try them all, but settled for about 8 different kinds, all delicious. The main dishes were also good, I had a pork tamale and chili relleno, both were delicious. I will definitely have to go back, as I have a lot more salsas to try, and they have Mole Poblano that I have to try!!! Oh, another fun thing - they did a silly little thing I always like.. butcher paper "tablecloths" and crayons to draw with... you can play artist while waiting for your food!

And a funny thing happened while we were dining. since I had my camera out I decided to snap a picture of Mabel and our dinner. After doing so I joked with the men sitting at the next table, apologizing for taking their picture and asking them if they were famous for when I put them in my blog. When they got up to leave they stopped at out table, said "These are for you." and handed us a box containing two mexican wedding cake cookies. Now that was a surprise! Maybe it was a bribe to get be on my blog or kept off my blog, I'm not sure which, but when I walked to the front to get a cup for Mabel's coke, he was at the cash register buying more cookies for himself. Not sure of his motivation, but I have to say I've never had a random stranger give me cookies before!

After dinner we went drove around to see the local sites. Midway has perhaps the cutest coffee shop I've ever seen! Still too full from dinner so we didn't stop, except to snap a few picture.

Another interesting spot we found was Midway's Memorial Hill. We saw the hill from town, wondered what it was, so when we just happened to drive by I turned in and drove around and around the hill to the top. At the top we discovered a veterans memorial like none I've seem before. Plaques around the perimeter honored the counties veterans from all wars, not just the World Wars and Vietnam, but modern wars like Desert Storm, old wars like the War of 1812 and Civil War, as well as local wars from the 1800's that I had never even heard of. Midway must have had an ambitious historian, the history lesson was interesting. The view from the top was pretty spectacular too!

We took the long scenic route home, up over the picturesque Alpine Loop. It was getting a little dark for pictures, but I did snap one of the setting sun from the summit. Mabel was thrilled to take the scenic route, because 85 she doesn't do a lot of long distance mountain driving anymore. It was a pretty fun 5 hour, 100 mile dinner date, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend to go off adventuring with!

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