Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Halloween at my house...
Graveyard in the front yard, jack-o-lanterns on the steps. Teenage kids, so no one to take trick or treating (***sad sigh!***). We did have a dozen a dozen of my daughters friends show up for the traditional pre trick or treat dinner, which at our house means pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese. As quick as as they came they all disapeared, roaming the neighborhood and haunting other friends houses. Three hours later a bunch showed back up at my house for some hot spiced cider. My son was out with his friends so for the most part it was a quiet night.

We did have one interesting guest tonight. Meet my daughter's friend Maddie's new pet- a jewel encrusted hissing cockroach. Complete with a finding that allows you to attach a tether that pins to your clothes so that can wear your bug as a lapel pet. Cockroach Couture! Just what everone needs right?? So if you want to be hip and cool this season they are available for mail order! ...and yeah, it's a good thing my daughter didn't bring one home! Not that I'm that bug phobic, but $60 for a roach? No way! I may be crazy but not that crazy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Linda, your yard is soooo cool. Me and my one lit up pumpkin on the front porch doesn't even come close!
Ok, the roach is way too creepy.

Anonymous said...

what can I say...besides "EUWWWWWW" about the roach! Neat to see you're blogging. I'm trying to get in the habit myself!

Lori Greenberg said...

That is just WRONG!

madison said...

tis not wrong... tis art., a living thing relishing in the lush world around it. or should i say... a once living thing... tears are streaming down my face as i write this.
linda morrison is my hero