Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I've posted a picture of my MySpace picture. Well, it's not really a MySpace picture since I don't really mave a MySpace page. But it could be. On Sunday the family went to brunch at this very fancy restaurant, LaCaille. (we had a gift certificate that was soon to expire) My daughter was quite impressed with the very fancy bathroom when she suddenly had a *lightbulb* moment. "We need to take a MySpace picture in here!". "Huh?" I say. "In a bathroom?" So she gave me instructions - tilt your head like this, pout your lips like this, put your hands like this. Apparently lots of people take their my space pictures themselves in front of mirrors at odd angles or in in funky poses. In case it's not obvious the cute, skinny one in front is my daughter. (She shields my girth well, perhaps that's why I like this blurry, off color picture!)

I have hardly ever seen my kids MySpace pages. They are set to "private" and the kids have made it clear that they are off limits to mom. They have also made it abundantly clear that I'm not supposed to be looking at their friends pages either, even if they aren't "private". I keep telling them that if it's out on the internet it's out there for anyone to view, incuding nosey mom's. We fight about this sometimes. The kids tell me I don't get it, but I think they are the ones who don't really get it!

Regarding my fancy brunch, LaCaille is a lovely, beautiful place (with over-priced, decent, but not especially stellar, food) the second course is this wonderful cream puff swan- I love food art!

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Anonymous said...

Ooolala. Did you use the right fork? Slurp your soup? Tuck your napkin in your neck?
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger in that myspace thing. I don't understand the whole deal. My son has one and when I registered for it, I started getting a ton of emails from a bunch of strangers. No thanks.