Thursday, November 09, 2006

a little blog tag with JC....

Am I a needy lampworking skills victim? Now that's a weird question isn't it? I am asking myself that question in response to the blog of one of my lampworking buddies, JC Herrell. To paraphrase her blog, she seemed disappointed in people who, on the lampworking forums, are what she describes as "skill victims"; which I interpret to mean us whiny folks who complain about our skill sets and talents and allow ourselves to be limited by our attitudes.

So I have to wonder if I'm am perhaps one of the people that is aggravating her. I have to admit that I, just the other day, commented on a forum that I was very jealous of another artists stringer control. I admit to making frequent comments of that ilk. I'm a hobbyist lampworker. I've been doing this for 3 years, as time permits, which for is maybe an evening a week and some more time over the weekend. I have yet to take a real class. I definitely have areas, many areas, where my skills need work.

But does this make me a victim? I don't feel like one. Take stringer control. (You could insert a number of techniques here! LOL) I have often joked about my lack of stringer control, commenting to others about my personal hypocrisy - complaining I don't have stringer control, but knowing I really haven't spent much time working toward acquiring it.

I have enough stringer control to make foliage on my florals, which I guess so far, has been enough for me. But of course better stringer control would be a great thing, and I am envious of those who already have it. It would be wonderful if the great glass gods would wave their magic wands and make me instantaneously talented. Wouldn't it be nice if it worked that way? I'm sure at some point I will suddenly be motivated to master the art of stringer control but for now I'm actually content in knowing that I have been working at my own pace, aquiring new skills as they suit me and my current style of bead making.

I may see the places where my talent and skill are lacking, but I don't feel victimized at all. I think trying to honestly appraise my skills and talents will help motivate me to work on the things I need and want to, and perhaps even help me choose the trajectory of my creativity.

I hope J.C. doesn't mind me commenting on her blog....and I hope I haven't been the one to irk her too much! She's a great bead maker, a great person.... and she brings up interesting points in her blog! Definitely points worth pondering!

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I definitely think we were seperated at birth. I soooooooo understand everything you're saying with regard to skills or the lack thereof.
I've been making beads for almost 9 years now and I still suck in several areas but, honestly, I don't lose any sleep over it.
I love melting glass and, most of the time, I'm quite happy with the outcome. I'm not a pro and never will be. Ok by me.