Monday, November 20, 2006

Dog Aromatherapy

Someone on LE posted this comic the other day. I just love it, it totally sums up my dogs view on life. It has been kind of obvious from the beginning that Daisy is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. She was a year old when we picked her up at the humane society, and was pretty well behaved, except for having this thing for pillows. After numerous episodes of coming home from work and finding polyester pillow fluff spread through out the house we decided that she could no longer roam freely. We decided to keep her in the kitchen so we propped a 2 foot tall piece of cardboard in front of the doorway with kitchen chair. We'll, that piece of cardboard kept for confined for at least six months.

Like I said, she's not the brightest pooch, but she is a bit of an idiot/savant. Where she excels is in directions. She knows all her favorite places and exactly how to get them. The gully where we take her swimming, the park, her friend Ayla, the yellow lab's house,(a mile and a half down the hill), and her favorite store are all on her favorites list. The weather was nice yesterday so I decided to take Daisy for a run. As I often do on runs, I let her pick the course. Her choice was to run to Petsmart (a few blocks from my home), where she likes to go and browse. With her nose of course. She loves to go up the dog treat isle carefully sniffing at each and every different type of treat. She's such a shopper dog. I think she would really like a good doggie aromatherapy isle!

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Anonymous said...

What - no picture of Daisy??????