Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tag, your it!!

A couple of weeks ago I was "tagged" by Lori Greenberg. It took me a while to answer all the questions, and deciding who to tag was tough. Now I need to get over the feeling that I'm forwarding a chain letter (something I never do). Anyway, here goes:

First I must nominate 5 other bloggers about whom I want to learn more:
1. Ellen Altamore - Ok, Ellen doesn’t have a blog, but if Lori can tag a non blogger so can I. I’ve been reading Ellen’s forum posts since my beginning bead making days in 2003. I always thought she seemed like such an interesting person. Beadmaker, sign language interpreter, dinner theater singer, fan of the blues, person with a wonderful attitude. Everything about Ellen screams “cool woman” to me!!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I began blogging and Ellen started commenting on my blurbs. She makes me feel special on a regular basis! I hope we get to meet someday, but for now I’ll just play tag with her.

2. Val Cox - Another forum person from my beginnings as a beadmaker. One day on the forum I mentioned that even though I was making them I had no exposure to “real” lampwork beads. Val offered to send me one. I was so thrilled and surprised that some one would volunteer to send something to a stranger! She posts great pictures on her blog. I especially like it when she posts her pinhole camera photos.

3. JC Herrell – I met JC at the Michigan cabin retreat a year ago. She’s a wonderful beadmaker, and an insightful, introspective and open blogger. I enjoy reading her ramblings! Oops, I see she got tagged by someone else and answered the questions this week. Here are her answers

4.Kerry Bogert – I don’t know Kerry, but I think she makes really cool beads and jewelry. She’s very innovative. Since she started blogging on Watch Me Create I’ve been following her personal blog, and she’s someone I’d love to learn more about.

5.Heather Armstrong - Now I’m stepping away from the bead world! A while back Lori posted a link to “Dooce”, Heather’s blog. She’s a professional blogger, who just so happens to live here in Salt Lake. Among other things she often posts about the quirkiness of living Utah. As a transplant to Utah, (as I tell my kids, I’m not a Utard, like they are) I enjoy the jokes and silly anecdotes about life in our fair err, I mean fairly different, state. I hope she doesn’t mind being tagged by a perfect (I wish!) stranger.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was living like a refugee in my own home. The kid’s toys had multiplied to the point where they were taking over our house so we had decided to add a floor to our little 1160 square foot home. I can assure you, that no amount of careful planning can make up for hiring a crappy, scam artist contractor (he seemed so perfect when we signed the contract ha, ha!) So in July of ’97 I was in my third month of living in a house with no solid roof, where 1/3 of my existing ceilings had fallen down, and my wood floors were so warped in places that you couldn’t walk on them. Fun huh?

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Pretty much the same thing I’m doing now!

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Rice – Yup rice! My Korean babysitter gave us a rice cooker when the kids were little, and warm rice from the rice cooker is a great snack… add a little butter and salt and pepper, or lemon pepper, or sesame oil and soy sauce and sesame seeds, or sumac ( a middle eastern spice), or cheddar cheese and dill, or butter, milk, sugar and cinnamon…mmmm …can you tell I like rice?!
2. Ice cream – especially Breyers all natural - try the vanilla bean with a squeeze of fresh lime and shredded coconut!
3. Anything with butter. (My worst vice!)
4. Cheese – especially exotic cheeses I’ve never tried!
5. Pretzels

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:1. “Rag Time Cowboy Joe” I have to say this one because Nancy did! It was one of my Girl Scout camp songs…. OK I’m lying a little, now that I looked up the real lyrics I see I don’t know them all
2. Eddie Brown - you might know him as Eddie Koochie-kachie-kamma-toesinarra-toesinocah-samma-kamma-waukee Brown
3. Flea - Lets just say my version was similar to this one!
4. The Fly Song once again my version is a little different then the link I found. My fly: “Wiped his feet on the ham and stuck his tongue out at the grocery man”
5. The Flea Fly Song Is it obvious I picked my songs from my scout camp days at Camp Ross Trails?!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Selfish things first. I’d own a pool (and have someone else care for it!….and maybe a cabana boy! hee,hee )
2. I’d travel the world
3. I’d pay for all niece’s and nephew’s college educations.
4. I’d pay for under-funded scientific research, like ecology. Perhaps I’d fund graduate student research projects.
5. Donate more to favorite organizations, like The Nature Conservancy

Five bad habits:
1. Procrastination (Notice many of mine are the same as Lori’s)
2. Not finishing projects- there’s always a loose end that needs to be tied up!
3. Getting grumpy with my family
4. Not answering my phone or checking messages.
5. Too much time on the computer.

Five things you like doing:
1. Beadmaking!
2. Skiing
3. Gardening
4. Hiking
5. Eating

Five things you would never wear again:
1. Polyester
2. High heels
3. Tube tops
4. Toe socks
5. Ballet costumes

Five favorite toys:
1. Tops (I really have a small top collection!)
2. Blocks (I’m never getting rid of the kids blocks!)
3. My skis.
4. My torch.
5. George, my bear. He’s almost as big as me, no longer has eyes, and leaks at few seams. He was a gift from my Aunt Linda when I was a baby. I still have him.


Anonymous said...

Oh, crap! What does "tag" mean? What am I supposed to do???????? Wait, let me guess: am I supposed to list stuff here on your blog like you just did? "Five things, etc, etc?"
Tell me what to do, boss and I'll follow your every little detailed instruction.
It won't be for a week, though, I'm headed out east and will return late next Wed.
I'll be awaiting your guidence.

Val Cox said...

What fun, thanks Linda! Val

belvedere beads said...

not only was it fun to read your answers - the people you tagged have such lovely blogs too. thanks for the links.