Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yup, another numbers day. 10, today is the 10th day this summer the temperature is supposed to go above 100 degrees. Have I ever said I'm NOT a fan of hot weather? It makes me feel like a total unmotivated sloth. I just remind myself it could be worse, the air could still be full of smoke from wildfires like it was last week, I could still be living in Ohio where where it could be 90 degrees and 90% humidity, live in a place like Arizona where 110 is not uncommon (I couldn't live there!) or live somplace without air conditioning. So I'm not really complaining, right?

Here's my silly amusement for the day. As per usual my inbox is rife with junk mail, most of which I ignore and later delete. Yesterday an email from a store where my daughter buys clothes had a subject which caught my eye:

FREE Boy Tee with Your Favorite Jeans Purchase!

I first read it as:

FREE Boy TOY with Your Favorite Jeans Purchase!

That's what we all really want, right? LOL. So I've left it in my inbox, just because it amuses me.

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Anonymous said...

Several days of 100 temps would put me away. Not a fan either. Our humidity lifted yesteday and I couldn't wait to turn the AC off and throw open the windows. Love my AC but love the real stuff even more.
A boy toy? Is there an 800 number?