Friday, October 12, 2007

Where's my camera when I need it?

Don't you hate it when you don't have your camera with you but wish you did? Or even worse, as happened to me today, the camera was in my purse but the memory card was home in my computer. I really wanted to take a sunrise picture this morning. We don't really get to view sunrises here. The mountains are directly to the east of us, and by the time sun works its way up over the peaks it a bright sunny daytime sun. We never get to see that lovely fireball rise above the horizon.

Today after dropping Sarah off at school I headed east to exit the school grounds. I looked up at the mountains, in the "V" of the peaks that surround Millcreek Canyon the sky was positively delightful. I didn't get to see the sunrise, but sky was pink and yellowish with light drifting through some wispy white clouds. The colors reminded my of my favorite seashell: the Sunrise Tellin. I would not have been able to see that sky from home, since I view the mountains from a different angle. Normally I despise driving through through the school parking lot, or anywhere near the high school for that matter, but today I really enjoyed the trip! I hope I have another pretty sky day when I have my camera ready!


Anonymous said...

So flying along I-94 toward WI on Fri. I saw a rainbow. Yea!!! Did I have my camera? Certainly. Was it right there in my purse? Yes, it was. Could we defy death and stop for a decent pic? Hell no!!! Dang it. It was a full arch too.

Linda Carol said...

I saw another rainbow this past weekend... so I saw rainbows 2 Saturdays in a row... I'm considering that a good omen of some sort!