Thursday, September 23, 2010

B is for Bulb!

Not bulb as in the myriad of light bulbs on all the carnival rides, but bulb as in the the 'bulb' setting of my camera, which allows the manual control of the shutter. Meaning, press the button and the shutter stays open as long as the button in pressed. The term 'bulb' harkens back to the days when an air bulb was used to control the shutter speed.

I'm glad that my light bulb came on reminding me that my camera has this setting. Time exposure shots are great way to capture the movement of the carnival rides. These would have been even better had I used a tripod, although I thought they were pretty decent for long hand held exposures. Maybe next year I'll bring a tripod!

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Matt Morrison said...

mom all these photos are amazing wow keep up the good work