Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More from California...

A little more from our trip. Since Sarah so quickly initiated herself into college life, and didn't seem to really need her brother's or my support, we decided to leave a day early and spend a night in San Francisco. We headed south down the Redwood Highway, and it was amazing. It really is hard to imagine how immense those trees are, how old they are, and the botanist in me is curious about how the root system supports a tree so tall and how water is transported clear to the top. Lots of interesting questions there for sure.

At some point we had to stop the car and walk through the woods to wander amongst the giants. It was interesting how very dark the redwood forest was. The forest floor was carpeted with oxalis (shamrocks) which appeared to be about the only thing that would grow in the dim light. I would have loved to take better pictures, but it was just too dark.

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Carol Clayton said...

Beautiful photos, Linda! They make me homesick!