Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horoscope again...

I am always so amused when I get a perfect horoscope. Here's mine for the 14th. It is correct, in that I have been thinking it would be nice to earn a little money on the side. After all, I want to take Sarah to visit Matt in France, and my salary doesn't exactly have room for that kind of expense. And sure enough, I would prefer to do something fun. Coincidentally, I got an email from ebay the day before, advertising a listing sale; $0.10 listings on Sept 14-16. Coincidentally again, I've made a bunch of new beads lately. Throw those coincidences together, and I think I am supposed to list some beads. Because sales had gotten sooooo slow, I have not listed beads in almost a year, perhaps it is time I give it a try again. So I broke out the camera, took some pictures, and voila, listed a bunch of beads on ebay before tonight's dead line. Of course if some of my beads sell, I may have to actually become a true believer in astrology!

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