Sunday, May 06, 2007

Earrings again...

Look, I did it again! Earrings! I found another excuse to actually use some of my beads. I went to a baby shower on Saturday, and in addition to the baby gifts I thought a "mommy" gift was in order, so I decided to make some earrings. The expectant mom, the wife of a PhD student in my lab, is having a surprise baby. She was always told she'd never be able to have kids due to severe endometriosis. She started having some abdominal pain and was sent for an ultrasound, where everyone was afraid they were going to find some tumors, but instead they found a 5 month old fetus!!! Talk about a surprise. A really huge surprise considering that she had had three negative pregnancy tests during those first five months. (She was doing a drug trial for an endometriosis treatment that required pregancy tests) That's probably the most exciting pregnancy story I've ever heard!

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Anonymous said...

My, what a surprised mom she must be - and thrilled as well.
Nice going with the earrings too, Linda, I'm sooooo proud of you!