Friday, May 11, 2007

Thieving Dog two

My Daisy wants to continue her life of crime! I took her to the gully for a swim yesterday, and she made a new friend, Missy (short for Mississippi). Missy had a cool toy, a donut that was made out of tennis ball material. It was tossed in the water for Missy, and Daisy grabbed it and wouldn't give it up. Normally when Daisy gets involved with another dog in a game of fetch in the creek, as soon as the other dog approaches she gives up the stick or ball. She's never been an alpha dog. But with this donut toy she was different, she wouldn't give it to Missy, and when I finally convinced her to come out of the creek she wouldn't give it to me either. When I finally wrestled it from her and gave it to Missy's "mom" she jumped up and tried to steal it back. I guess I'll have to head to Petsmart this weekend and get her one her own, I need to stop her life of crime.

The bad part of yesterdays trip to the gully: Web worms! Or do you call them tent caterpillars? Or more scientifically, Fall Canker Worms ( I think! I'm not an entomologist.) Ugh. I hate web worm infestations. They were hanging all over the narrow trail that leads down to gully nearest my house, so I ended up hiking back up and and walking through the neighborhood to the main park entrance, where the trail is wide enough that you can dodge the worms hanging everwhere. I'm not the phobic type, but inchworms dropping from the trees on threads really gross me out.

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