Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paranoia and Spring Flowers

I'm not entirely sure but I think that someone has covertly "micro-chipped" me and is tracking my every move. I think they are reporting all my moves to my boss, so he can catch me when I get to work late. Are these the ramblings of paranoid psychopath, or am I just noticing weird coincidences again?

One nice thing about my job is that (within reason) I can set my own hours. I'm pretty boring though, I usually get to work everyday at about 8, give or take 15 minutes. My boss on the other hand likes to work at home in the mornings, and usually shows up at work around 11 or so. Except.... when I am late for work. I'm rarely "late", but once in a while I schedule an 8 am dentist appointment or need to stop at the kids school or something which causes me to get to work at 9 or 9:30. Never fail, the only days my boss comes to work early are the days that I get there late. 95% of the time I could show up at work 9:30 or 10 and beat my boss to work, but for some reason, on those days I am late (like today!) he manages to come in early (for him) ang catch me come in late. He's never there to notice all those days I'm there at 8.

Today I was late because my parents came to town. They flew in yesterday afternoon, and this morning were heading to Vegas for a few days. So I stayed home so I could make them coffee and see them off. While I was there, the east window light shining on a bouquet of garden flowers looked so pretty I had to take some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Does your area have those cameras on lightposts? I'm thinking your boss has access to the films and checks them out daily.
The bead! It's fantastic!!!