Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reasons I like the bead world...

One of the things I love about the glass bead world is how once you are hooked on melting glass and realize how one's current skill level effects (limits!?!) what a person can create, you gain apprectiation for beads that may otherwise not appeal to you simply because you marvel at the skill it took to create them. Seeing Mavis's bead the other day reminded me of that. I was certainly oo-ing and ahh-ing over them the bead store, as well as lamenting that I couldn't create anything like that. But the truth of the matter is while I'm the first to say I suck at sculptural work, I also have to admit that I've rarely attempted any sculptural pieces. Back in December I talked about my sculptural bead attempts; not much has changed since then! But not yet having the bug to work on those skills doesn't stop me from really admiring the work of those who do. I think it's wonderful to know I may have future challenges around the corner, and that one day I may be inspired to make things that currently seem out of character for me.

A second good bead feeling from my Mavis bead experience - I love all the bead world connections! I've never met Mavis, but I've made friends with folks who have. I have a cool bead that I got in a trade with Schermo. It looks like a victorian style purse. I don't recall the entire story, but she came up with that design to make a bead for Mavis. I have another wonderful trade bead; a green vine bead with a cool turtle murrine that was made by Kristen of Gennesee Glassworks. Kristen used a murrine made by Mavis in the bead. So even though I don't know Mavis at all, I feel this tiny connection. It's a nice thing.

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Again, our minds are on the same page. Scare ya?