Monday, January 12, 2009

Cake Update....

A short update to the tale of too many birthday cakes at my home this weekend. Yesterday afternoon Sarah and I went off to run a short errand. When I returned a spied a large piece of fool on the floor. I'm sure I didn't leave it there! On the counter stood the well bitten remains of the rasta cake. It appears Daisy put her paws up on the counter and bit off as much as her furry muzzle could reach. Fortunately, the chocolate layer cake I made was still safe under the metal cake lid, and she hadn't yet made her way to the other foil covered confection. Tragic yes, I for one and glad to have less cake in the house. I'm hoping Sarah and her friends finish off the others today at lunch.

And that Daisy dog of mine... I'm always amazed at the look of sheer embarassment and guilt she has as she lowers her head in shame when I exclaim "Daisy! What did you do?" Guilt, on one hand yes, but on the other I can't help but wonder if she spent the last two days impatiently wondering: "When, oh when, will both of them leave so I can have a snack?"

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Ellen said...

No repercussions from the cake binging?