Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dancing With Coincidence

I had a little e-chat with an on-line friend last week. I can't remember why exactly, but we were talking about dancing. I told him that I'm lousy dancer, that I swear that I'm rhythmically impaired and that admitedly, I'm kind of dance phobic, but that the one kind of dancing I do really like is square dancing, because someone else tells me what to do. I hope my new friend didn't think it was too weird that I like square dancing. I'll be the first to admit that there's not too much "cool, hip factor" in that. Also, not much opportunity either, I don't think I'd square danced in about 20 years.

Fast forward a few days. One of the guys in the lab invites me to ... guess what?... a square dance! His wife plays the banjo and started playing with a band started by the husband of another biology person. The Bueno Avenue String Band. This guy is a woodworker and has his shop in a warehousey sort of place across town. Once a month he's been clearing a space in the middle of the studio and hosting a dance, square dance caller and all. So, last night was my first ho-down in a long, long long time. It was a great fun! I felt a little silly, because, as often seems to happen in my life, agewise, I was probably a little out of place, but the 20 somethings let me join right in. I feel really lucky that my student friends let me come play with them. I'm looking forward to next months dance. Yee-ha!!!


one-eared pig said...

That sounds like fun, Linda! And I love this bead.

Ellen said...

Good for you - stepping out of your comfort zone.
I'll bet it's great exercise.