Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The News...

So where do you get your news from?
I don't watch much TV news, other than sometines turning on the Today show in the morning while getting dressed. In the car I'm an NPR junkie. And then there's the internet. My number one place for catching up with what's going on in the world has to be the Lampwork Etc. forum. If there's a natural disaster, tragedy, recall, happy story, news of the weird... you name it... chances are someone on the forum will have heard the story and will post a link before I ever hear about it through the real news sources. Yesterday for instance, someone posted about the family that didn't report their kid missing for 10 years . Another person posted about the ski lift incident that left some poor man dangling half naked from the chair lift. Sure enough, I learned of these stories last night through my bead forum friends, and this morning both stories were the Today show.

The lampwork forum may be an unusual way to get the news, and you may laugh at me for considering it a "news source" but it is suprisingly efficient!

Another place for "news", one I should remember to read more often is The Onion. One of my new years resolutions was to remember to read The Onion more regularly. So yesterday I logged on and found that one of their daily must have been written about me (or woman like me):

Online dating for Women.



marcy said...

I get a lot of my news from those two sources too. Sometimes they seem more credible than my local paper.


Ellen said...

I get my news, first off, in the morning through Good Morning America. Now that I'm retired, I can watch all of it - if I want.
I never thought about the bead forums but, you're right. Many times while reading either WC or LE, I'll see a thread with fresh news in it.
I also read the headlines on my Yahoo page.
Hey, you're blogging in the middle of the week!!!