Saturday, January 03, 2009

Even the snowmen have been partying ...

This is what you get when the college age kids decide to make a snowman. I love having a snowman in the yard, even if he is a drunk.

I actually took a walk on the wild side and had a New Years Party this year. I'm not usually a big fan of New Years parties, but one of my "lab babies", (a girl who spent over 4 years working in my lab and is now off at grad school) was back in town and wanted someone to have a party, so I said "what the heck" and volunteered. So I had nice little party with my friends, neighbors and the folks from the lab. My kids and their friends wandered in and out, mostly to raid the chili pot before going off to their own parties.

Have you ever noticed how people congregate at parties? I don't really have a great party house. My house only has small rooms. A small living room and tiny den which are kind of connected by small dining room. I never think my living room is really big enough for a party, especially when there's a huge Christmas tree in it. The funny thing is that while I lament the size small size of my living room, when ever I have party it's hardly used. My New Years eve bash was no exception. Every one sat around the dining room table, or hung out in the kitchen (which is also small), and for a while a group stood in the hallway area between the loveseat and the stairs. Not once all night did anyone go in and sit on my couches... I guess I don't really need to worry about my house being to small for a party. When friends gather no space is too small!

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Ellen said...

Love the "stash" on the snowman. Glad your party was a success.