Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Done!

As you can see, I did it. Finally. It did take a few days to get up the motivation. I did tell you I had the lazy girl blues didn't I? What you see here is the end of Christmas. The last of my Christmas tree the rest is chopped to bits and put in a box. Yeah, that's my weird way of disposing of the. Put away all the lights and decoration, then cut off all the branches, and put them in a box. The box goes out in the garage, and the branches eventually become kindling for my fire place. The tree trunk goes out in the backyard, and some day in the summer when I'm feeling motivated I'll cut it up for firewood. Pretty efficient huh? Maybe I'm not that unmotivated after all.

It's nice to reclaim all that space in my living room, and it's amazing how much more light streams through the window without the tree standing in the way. But, the thing I really miss, is the smell. The aroma of the tree has been downright intoxicating this last month, it's one of my favorite aspects of Christmas.

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Ellen said...

Way to go, Linda!!!!