Thursday, February 26, 2009

And so it goes...

I had a weird start to my day this morning. As usual I stopped at my favorite little coffee shop for my cup of morning happiness. I got my coffee, and went over the cart where the sugar and cream is. The creamer wasn't there so I poured in my sugar, grabbed a stir stick, walked back to the counter and asked Venette, my barista (and friend), for the cream. I stood at the counter and chatted for a few minutes then decided I'd better head to work.

I reached into my pants pocket for my keys, and they weren't there. I rummaged through my purse, not there either, nor were they sitting on the counter. Hmmm, I must of left them in the car. Went out and checked the car, which fortunately, was unlocked. No keys. I head back in to the shop and empty my purse again. Nothing. Did I toss them in the trash with my stir stick? I poked around the trash can and didn't see them. I'm so confused! I swore I had them in my hand. At this point I'm sure Venette thinks I'm a nut case, but she helps me look through the trash one more time. No keys. I must have left them in my car, perhaps they slipped between the seats. Back out to my car I go. Damn it, this time my car is locked. It locks itself, but I have never figured why or when it chooses to do so. I'd say it picked a bad time this morning.

So what to do? Walk home and get my spare keys I guess. So I traipse the 2.5 miles up the hill to my house. Fortunately it was a warm, lovely day, so I really enjoyed the walk. Once home I grabbed my key, went out the the garage and pumped up my bike tires on my old road bike (it was on the floor my good bike was on the wall) so I could ride back down to the coffee shop. (Note to self- bike needs a tune. Second note to self- don't let kids use bike, that's why it needs a tune)

As I pedal into the coffee shop parking lot Venette meets me at my car. Shortly after I left to hike back home, the guy who chatted with us at the counter came back to the shop. It seems he had picked up my keys, which apparently looked and felt quite similar to his. Whew. I was just happy to get then back (especially that $50 ignition key) and even more happy that I wasn't CRAZY!

The good thing is, at least I had a nice walk and bike ride, and when I got back to the shop a few of my friends, who I hadn't seen in a while, were there, and I now have lunch date for Saturday. So it wasn't too bad a start to the day after all.


Anonymous said...

Weird! Glad you got your keys back! Was your house key on the ring? Call me paranoid, but I'd be re-keying my house if this had happened to me. I mean, didn't the guy notice right away that the keys he picked up didn't start his own car??????? Sounds fishy to me that he didn't turn them back in until you had gone home and biked all the way back.

one-eared pig said...

Wow, Linda. What an adventure!