Saturday, February 07, 2009

More on dressing like an artist.

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year has helped my quest to dress like an artist. The item? A cape! A beautiful black polar fleece cape. This gift did of course, come with a back story.
Last fall my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My sibs and I hatched a plan for an anniversary gift; a scrapbook, full of pictures, remembrances and stories from our childhood. One of the scrapbook pages I made was about my mom and what a good seamstress she was, and how she made us costumes and dresses and whatnot. When we were small she made us Easter dresses every spring, and in a few of those cold early Easter years she made us capes to go with our dresses. On my scrapbook page I wrote about how much I really liked those capes, and how I still like capes and wished I had one.

Fast forward to Christmas. I open a big box from my mom and find something made of black polar fleece. At first I though it was a robe, or throw, but low and behold I pulled it out of the box and discovered it was a cape. A full black flowing cape, with a single button at the neck, and a built in scarf that I can dramatically toss around my neck. It is perfect, just my style and I was so thrilled my mom found it for me. I never would have dreamed that Mom would have read what I wrote and go on a mission to find me a cape.

My kids, and probably others as well, think it's really weird, and I have no idea if it's at all fashionable or not, but I love it. It has such a nice swoop to it and feels artsy. I definitely feel like I've dressed like an artist when I wear it, which is nearly everyday. I don't care if other people laugh and think I'm weird or a caped crusader wannabe, to me, it just feels like me.


Ellen said...

I'm getting a mental image of you standing in the middle of your living room making twirling, swirling motions with that cape.
You look dramatically wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Linda! Ever since Stevie Nicks, I totally think of capes as artsy, too! I'll have to show you my own black polar fleece jacket that flows just like a cape, has a hoodie, and makes me feel like a gypsy! Carol

Anonymous said...

wonderfull...very fairtytail-ish. wish u would post a pic of u

Anonymous said...

You must have one of the most thoughtful mothers on this Earth!

Hope your cape brings lots of joy and happiness!