Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day!!!!

Today is Darwins 200th birthday!!! Scientists around the world have turned this into a holiday. According to the Darwin Day website there are 670 planned celebrations around the world. I bet that doesn't even count the ones in my world. Here in my personal nerdland his birthday is sparking a few parties. We get a treat at coffee hour today, a birthday cake for Darwin, and tomorrow one of the professors in the department is throwing a Darwin's Birthday Bash. Who said scientists aren't any fun?

I'd love to credit the artist who painted this picture, as it's an image so fitting for all the computer nerds in the world, unfortunately it's one of the images that has been floating around the web for so long the creator's identity is long lost. It's especially appropriate for me right now, as my latest assignment at work is to assemble all the known rhinovirus RNA sequences to aid in the start of an evolutionary study of the common cold. I'm definitely becoming the guy on the right!!!

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one-eared pig said...

I've never heard of Darwin parties! That is great!

And holy cow, your new assignment sounds very interesting!