Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nerd alert!

The good thing that happened the day Matt had his accident: when I returned to work that afternoon I noticed the little hillside by my building was covered in these wonderful purple flowers.

I recognized them immediately as a flower I should know from college. I majored in botany, and took taxonomy in the spring of my freshman year, so I studied lots of spring flowers. This one was Speedwell (common name) or veronica sp. (scientific name). Could I possibly have remembered that correctly after all these years? A quick google search when I got back the lab confirmed that I did indeed remember correctly. An accomplishment I think, as I took that taxonomy class way back in spring of ’79! Yeah, I know, another nerd alert moment for sure. (I am what I am!) I wonder how many truly useful and important things I have forgotten to allow room on my brain to remember my plant taxonomy for 28 years!

Spring weather being what it is, here’s a shot of that same hillside taken a week later!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so you're a nerd - but a nerd who knows how to spot beautiful things. Thanks for the pretty pics.

Unknown said...

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