Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Pi Day!

One of the students in my lab walked up and wished me “Happy Pie Day” this morning, to which I responded “Huh? Pie Day?” and he said “Three fourteen, Pie Day!”. Then, of course, the light bulb came on. 3.14 (or more acurately 3.14159), Pi, the math Pi. As a bit of a self-ascribed nerd I am a bit embarrassed that I did not know about Pi Day, but a quick Google search affirmed that yes, people do celebrate Pi Day. There are Pi Day web sites with Pi Day songs and activities you can even send a Pi Day e-card!

I think that in an attempt to parlay my new found knowledge into something good for me I will use Pi day as an excuse not to cook tonight. I think I’ll pick up pizza, yup, pizza Pi on the way home from work today!

So Happy Pi Day everyone... take it easy and pick up a pizza for dinner!


Anonymous said...

Did you have applie Pi for dessert?
BTW, love the bead, as usual.

Linda Carol said...

Why Ellen, yes I did! You know me too well! In keeping with the "good excuse not to cook theme" I "baked" a frozen Marie Calendars dutch apple pie!